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The Rewind Technique is a powerful approach that can be successful in helping clients overcome trauma. It has become internationally recognised as indispensable in the treatment of trauma, phobias and PTSD.

The rewind
What is it and how does it work?

The Rewind Technique is an approach to working with trauma. It's an imagery technique used in the treatment of traumatic memories, without having to share any details of the trauma. It has been used successfully to help remove phobias, anxieties, and PTSD symptoms, as it quickly results in the erasure of the original trauma response.

Dr David Muss developed the Rewind technique and published his study in the British Journal of Clinical Psychology in 1991. In this study, he used The Rewind Technique to treat 19 police officers who suffered from PTSD. The officers were followed for two years. It was successful for all officers and, crucially, none suffered a relapse.

The rewind technique is 85% successful after a single session. It usually requires three to four sessions, which is a cost-effective approach. ​I am a professionally trained practitioner of the Rewind Technique and registered with the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy (IARTT). I work closely with emergency services, charities, and war veterans.

"There is a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in."

Leonard Cohen

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