Relationships are an integral part of our lives and all relationships go through challenging times. If our relationship is in difficulty or crisis it can be distressing and disappointing, leaving us feeling guilty, hurt, rejected or lonely. Couples can become stuck in unhelpful patterns of relating such as avoidance, blaming, heated arguments or struggling with past hurts or the impact of infidelity and feeling afraid to say what they really feel.

If your relationship is in a difficult place, counselling can help you to move through your difficulties and conflict and improve your current relationship or manage a separation. However, counselling can be a positive experience at any stage of a relationship, and can facilitate growth, change and alleviate conflict. However, counselling isn't a magic cure and it requires that you are both willing to change and are committed to working on yourself and your relationship. I work with couples in a warm, safe and supportive environment to help give you the tools that you need to build a stronger, healthier relationship with your partner and transform your relationship.  

You are welcome whether you are married, living together, separated, divorced and whatever your sexual orientation or identity. 

"I had to share my vulnerability and also learn to love differently. It was an important part of my journey of becoming. Understanding how to become us."

-Michelle Obama


How might couples counselling help?

Counselling  can help you both to explore your situation, address issues that cause conflict and discontent and communicate in a more positive way so you can move forward in your relationship. Talking frankly about relationship difficulties in a supportive, safe and neutral space gives both partners the opportunity to be heard equally without judgement or taking sides. The counselling process can support you to find your own way forward to a positive future and can inspire change in your relationship.

Relationship issues vary considerably and I support couples in working through a range of issues including:  


  • Infidelity

  • Trust issues 

  • Conflict 

  • Disconnection and loss of intimacy 

  • Stress management 

  • Fertility issues 

  • Parenting 

  • Managing emotions

  • Coping with trauma and grief

  • Life transitions 

  • Working through separation or divorce

  • Addictions

Staying together or separating?

No-one takes the decision to divorce or separate lightly and partners can struggle with painful feelings of resentment, guilt, confusion, anger and anxiety. Counselling can help you to consider choices and to work through the difficulties and challenges that might have arisen during your relationship. Our sessions together can support you both to accept and manage the end of a relationship with honesty, respect, and dignity.


Initial session 

The initial session is an assessment session, allowing you both to talk about your issues and for us to discuss how we might work together. If ongoing counselling is appropriate, a weekly recurring session will be reserved for you. Occasionally, things do not always go to plan and if you do have to cancel an appointment please give at least 48 hours’ notice. If cancellation happens less than 48 hours before our scheduled session, you are responsible for the full fee. It is important that both partners attend the session. If only one partner attends, the session will be cancelled, but you are responsible for the full fee.

Lisa Waterhouse

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