Counselling for couples

Couples counselling offers you both an opportunity to explore your relationship in a neutral space, think about what you would like to change, and help you begin to move forward. 

There are more pressures than ever on our couple relationships and we all go through challenging times. Relationships, like people, can change at different points in our lives - evolving, adapting, and sometimes becoming tense or strained as we grow as individuals.
Perhaps your relationship is going through a difficult time - you and your partner might have heated arguments, or are struggling with infidelity or betrayal. This might be affecting your sense of yourself, as well as changing the way you see your partner and the relationship. Maybe you feel stuck in a relationship that’s not working but are not sure if you want to separate? 

Couples counselling focuses on your relationship and issues affecting it, such as improving communication, parenting, managing conflict, working through separation or recovery from an affair. Talking openly about relationship difficulties in a supportive, safe and neutral space gives both partners the opportunity to be heard equally without judgement or taking sides. Counselling can help you both negotiate your way through life stresses and misunderstandings to get what you want and need from your relationship, in spite of real-life pressures. 

Every couple is different. You are welcome whether you are married, living together, separated, short or long term relationships, divorced and whatever your sexual orientation or identity. 

Counselling can help, whatever your situation. 

Counselling is an opportunity to listen to each other and work through the issues that you face as a couple. I use techniques from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), psychodynamic, Gottman method and other therapies. 

Our sessions together give you both an opportunity to have meaningful conversations about a wide-range of issues, rather than focus on who is right or wrong. We will explore difficult aspects of your relationship, how you communicate and any negative interactional patterns you may have developed. Counselling can help you to manage conflict in a respectful and constructive way, whilst developing approaches that will improve your communication and connection despite the pressures you are bound to experience. I offer some practical ideas and exercises so you can really hear your partner and find time for yourselves as a couple amid the stresses of work and family, My hope is that by working together you can focus on what you both need to create or rebuild a meaningful relationship going forward. 

Our first session is a consultation where we will talk through what brings you to counselling, how we might work together and what your goals of counselling are. During the first few sessions, we will discuss the main issues you are experiencing and you and your partner will be encouraged to express your feelings and past experiences together. 


Further sessions are initially weekly and usually the same day/time each week. I reserve your session space for you on a weekly basis, I therefore have a 48 hour cancellation policy. 

Session fee: £75.00

Sessions are 50 minutes

I work in-person 9restrictions may apply) or online. If we work together online, I use a clinical practice software that is very easy to use - just click the link in your booking confirmation email. This gives you access to our private online waiting room, and I meet you there at our appointment time. If you prefer, I am happy to use software you might be more familiar with such as Skype or FaceTime. 

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"I had to share my vulnerability and also learn to love differently. It was an important part of my journey of becoming. Understanding how to become us."

  Michelle Obama  

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