Counselling for individuals

We all have within us, the capacity to create long-lasting change, to live bravely in our own skin and live the lives we want. 

Lisa Waterhouse counselling

Counselling can help, whatever your situation. 

People begin counselling for various reasons. You might be hoping to work through depression, anxiety, grief or trauma, or perhaps seeking awareness, confidence, and strategies for coping with life's stresses. I provide a supportive, non-judgemental, and confidential space for you to focus on the difficulties you are facing. It is a place in which you can explore your past and your present, and also look at future aspirations and possibilities. 

I bring warmth, creativity and compassion to my work, and will support you to make sense of what may be contributing to the unhappiness, distress or suffering in your life. My aim is to develop a trusting, genuine relationship which helps you to feel at ease, where you can talk freely about what is worrying you, what matters to you, and the experiences that have shaped you. Working together, we will explore your unique qualities, strengths and difficulties and focus on how you can move forward in your life. We will consider various strategies or approaches and different perspectives to help you develop the resources you need to accomplish your goals. Whatever brings you here, together we can explore where you are now and find the best way forward in your life.

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”
Brene Brown

My approach is an integrative therapeutic model and combines elements of psychodynamic, CBT and humanistic approaches to help you make sense of your experience, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself. I am influenced by theory and research from Somatic therapies, Attachment, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Transactional Analysis and Creative Therapies. 

I work with a range of presenting issues including but not limited to: abuse, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, low self-worth, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, loss of identity or difficult life transitions. I am a trauma informed therapist and currently work with a variety of emergency services and individuals to help my clients move beyond their difficult experiences and to build a path of recovery - nurturing a sense of hope and possibility. People often come to counselling because they want to move beyond surviving, but sometimes we need support to help us heal. Counselling can help you address present or past difficulties, alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression, improve resilience, and help you live your life more fully.

Counselling online

I work with both individuals and couples, irrespective of your location. 

Online counselling uk

Helping you achieve the changes you want to see in your life.

Online counselling gives you the opportunity to access counselling support without the restrictions of location, time zones, or travel limitations. I work by a video call which you access through your computer, tablet, or mobile device with a camera and microphone. Research shows that online counselling is just as effective, and sometimes more effective, than face to face therapy. 

I use a clinical practice software that is very easy to use - just click the link in your booking confirmation email. This gives you access to our private online waiting room, and I meet you there at our appointment time. If you prefer, I am happy to use software you might be more familiar with such as Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. 

Similar to in-person sessions, counselling is a time set aside in a private space to explore what is happening in your life, where you can express yourself at your own pace and without fear of judgment. My goal is to actively help you address the difficulties that interfere with your life and cause you distress, and to help you gain more insight into yourself and your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Integrative counselling

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are.”

-Brene Brown

Lisa Waterhouse Integrative counselling