Counselling for young people

A safe space for young people to share their worries and anxieties. I work with ages from 13 to 18.

counselling for young people

Life can be hard at times and teenagers face a growing number of challenges. Many young people are struggling with how they feel and are anxious, depressed, angry or worried and need to talk to someone, but find it difficult to talk to people they know. Common issues facing young people include peer pressure, bullying, exam stress, body image, sexuality, self-harm, disordered eating, anxiety, depression and family breakdowns.   

Counselling is a safe, unique place, solely for your child to talk about whatever they would like, to bring their concerns, worries and parts of life that they have been trying to manage or find a way through. I can help them begin to make sense of their feelings and experiences and to find ways to deal with loss, hurt, difficult emotions and bereavement, I work with humour, understanding, and respect and our time together is confidential, unless there are safeguarding issues.

My focus is for a young person to feel supported and empowered, and to develop the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties, whatever the challenges. Being accepted for just who they are can be enormously important in building self-esteem, confidence, and in feeling more positive about their place in the world.

My approach

My approach is to support young people to explore their thoughts and feelings, express themselves, and make sense of their world and life experiences. Most of the time we will be talking together, or we can use other techniques which draw on the expressive nature of young people - such as creative ways in which they can express how they feel. They will be free to use paper and pens, sand, figures, cards and games, if they wish to. I work in whatever way the young person finds more comfortable. I integrate mindfulness, CBT, creative focused therapy and psycho-education when it is appropriate. Talking openly in counselling can help them gain confidence in self-expression and communication and help to develop their emotional toolkit to better cope with everyday life. 

counselling for young people

At times we can all struggle to cope with what life brings and children and young people are no different. This may become noticeable through emotional or behavioural changes such as isolating themselves, feeling angry, anxious or depressed, self harm, changes in eating or difficulty in coping with daily life.


The first step is for the parent/guardian to contact me and to talk through what is happening for the child or young person. I offer an initial consultation session for parents so you can understand more about the counselling process and how I can help. This is a chance for us to chat about your worries and how we can work together to best support your child and what they are facing.

Session fee: £55.00

Sessions are 45 - 50 minutes

The first few sessions are 'getting to know' your child. With children and adolescents, it often takes a little longer to build a therapeutic relationship (without which no meaningful work can take place). Sessions are usually weekly. 

Counselling for young people