Rewind Trauma Therapy

“Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering” 

Peter Levine     

Rewind technique, Spalding

Trauma can shatter our peace, our quality of life, and even our identity. 

Trauma presents itself in myriad forms and is often unpredictable. People may bury the memories of a life-altering event only to be triggered decades later by something seemingly unrelated. Those suffering the after-affects of trauma may feel anxious and depressed, experience flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and innumerable symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress. I view posttraumatic stress as a normal human reaction to a traumatic event. Unfortunately, these stress reactions can persist and interfere with your ability to function and live the life that you want. 

The Rewind Technique

Those suffering from trauma can experience rapid improvement and resolution of symptoms.

Rewind Therapy (RTT) or ‘Rewind Technique’, was founded and developed by Dr David Muss in 1991. Originally a heart surgeon, he was the Director of the BMI PTSD Unit for 30 years. It has become one of the most significant treatments for PTSD. Often described as the ‘closure without disclosure’ technique as details of the traumatic incident(s) are not shared. The Rewind Technique enables the overwhelming responses to the experienced trauma to be processed, filing the traumatic event so it comes under control. It is suitable for clients with PTSD, flashbacks, anxiety and unwanted or intrusive thoughts. It can also be of help with many phobias. Current research indicates successful treatment and positive outcomes for clients in 85% of cases.

Bridging the gap between surviving and thriving

I am a professionally trained practitioner of the Rewind Technique and registered with the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy. I work closely with emergency services, charities and war veterans. If you are struggling to access help for your trauma symptoms due to waiting lists, fears of disclosing details of your trauma or financial constraints, the Rewind Technique is an effective option. As with any therapy, results cannot be guaranteed. Rewind therapy is usually three sessions in duration making it a cost effective approach.

Trauma may impact every area of your life, but it doesn’t have to define you. Counselling can help you find ways to cope with anxiety and distress, heal from early dysfunctional family dynamics or trauma, become mindful of destructive patterns, and to find meaning and purpose in life. Recovery from trauma is possible, and everyone heals at their own pace. With help and support, you can begin to heal and move on with your life. 

Lisa Waterhouse counselling, Spalding

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

- Hemingway

Trauma counselling, Spalding